Rebecca R.

Condition: I took pain medication for years for my neck pain, lower back pain, and migraines. The pain always interfered with my daily activities.
Results: I have experienced overall improvement, and I am still getting better!
Comments: The doctors helped me! The treatments did not hurt a bit! I feel significantly better! I would urge anyone to make their appointment now.

Shanne P.

Condition: I was in a car accident. The accident caused a lot of pain in my upper back and neck.
Result: NO MORE PAIN! I feel 100% better!
Comments: The doctors at Whitelaw Chiropractic and Wellness Center are very good doctors. They take very good care of all there patients.

Melanie B.

Condition: I strained my lower back and hand constant neck tension, tightness, and headaches from an auto accent that occurred years ago. Nothing seemed to make me feel better.
Results: After coming to Whitelaw Chiropractic and Wellness Center my neck and back are feeling much better. My pain and headaches are gone. I also do not feel as tired.
Comments: Chiropractic is a very effective form of healthcare and it feels great!

Catherine C.

Condition: Migraine Headaches. I had been experiencing migrane headaches for eight years. They disrupted my life, forcing me to bed for two to thirty six hours.
Results: I have improved 95%. I now have a migrane once or twice a year, not every month. I also have increased energy and a feeling of well being.
Comments: Go to Whitelaw Chiropractic and Wellness Center. It will be a life changing experience. Chiropractic care will certainly improve how you feel and will complement your overall health.

Michelle L.

Condition: After being rear-ended and being whiplashed I had neck, upper and lower back pain/stiffness. I also had headaches, difficulty sleeping, and sciatic and shoulder pain.
Results: I am 100% improved from the symptoms resulting from the car crash. I sleep better and have more energy. I am now a firm believer in regular spinal treatments to keep my joints, nervous system and body healthy.
Comments: The team at Whitelaw Chiropractic and Wellness Center are generous, concerned and informed professionals who work to educate others to have a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic works! It is a vehicle to restore our nervous system and health. Go for it!

Don H.

Condition: I had headaches for five years.
Results: I got immediate relief from my headaches and the tightness in my neck and back are gone.
Comments: I highly recommend chiropractic because it really works.

Azure S.

Condition: I was in a car accident. It caused sharp pains in my upper and lower back. I could not turn my neck all the way to the right or left.
Results: The upper and lower back pain is gone! My range of motion is back! Now I can move and dance without limits!
Comments: I love this place! Everyone has been sincerely concerned for my long term well being. I look forward to my visits here.

Carol B.

Condition: I have had neck and back pain for about four years. I believe my high heels may have made the pain worse.
Results: My health has improved! The pain is almost 100% gone! I used to take eight Advil a day. Now I take an Advil once every two weeks.
Comments: The doctors treated the cause, not the symptom; unlike the other doctors I have been to. The doctors are mentors and educators.

Jennell S.

Condition: For several years I had severe low back pain with episodic flare-ups of debilitating pain and muscle spasm. I saw another chiropractor for four months who was very expensive and only gave me partial relief.
Results: The doctors did an examination to see if he could help. He explained my condition and what it would take to get well. I started treatment and have already improved 90%. I rarely have pain, I now have more energy and feel better about myself.
Comments: This is a great office. The staff here is compassionate and are true healers. Try chiropractic! It may just be what you need to make you feel better.

Bill W.

Condition: Due to lower back pain and a chronic knee problem I was forced to favor my good leg all the time.
Results: Every time I come in, I feel much better. This place keeps me in shape.
Comments: I used to go to Milpitas for care so I researched this area. This was the place most highly spoken of and the care has shown why.

Terry C.

Condition: I fell down some stairs, and have had chronic shoulder problems. My arms suffered from a lack of range of motion.
Results: I have improved quickly! My range of motion is about 90% better and my shoulder pain is completely gone!
Comments: I think chiropractic care is an integral part of my life; in accordance with the fast pace we have to live with.